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Financial Expert Ken Sunshine Joins Sofiel Aerospace’s Board of Directors

On Wednesday, August 29th, newly formed orbital launch company Stofiel Aerospace announced that Ken Sunshine, a well experienced financial expert executive from the aerospace industry, has joined its board of directors.

Speaking on the announcement, Alexander Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Stofiel Aerospace said, “Ken Sunshine brings tremendous knowledge and experience to our company.”

Smith further said, “Despite the fact that we are introducing a unique technology in the marketplace, the battles of going from a start-up to a successful orbital launch company are legion. Mr. Sunshine’s vast experience in strategic planning and space company finances and strategic planning along with his perspective will prove to be invaluable in navigating those hurdles.”

Being the Co-founder of Vector Aerospace and also previously holding the post of a chief financial officer for two well-known companies, Moon Express and Virgin Galactic gives Mr. Sunshine an extensive capital markets experience.

Currently, Mr. Sunshine works with “angel investors” at Star Century Partners, a venture capital fund and is also a mentor to several space company start-ups through the Starburst Aerospace Incubator.

Speaking on his appointment, Mr. Ken Sunshine said, “This is an incredible group of people at Stofiel with revolutionary ideas for orbital commerce, I feel really excited in helping them achieve their goals.”

According to Smith “We have the ambition to create an ‘on-demand’ orbital launch company and would not settle for anything less.”

Smith also said, “We firmly believe that we can solve the constraints that now demands small payload clients to wait long periods of time for ‘ride-along’ space on all big and expensive vehicles as we have created a patented heat treatment that enables us to 3D-print a rocket engine in just a couple of days, which we would be pairing with balloon-assisted launches and solid fuel rockets.”

Further adding, “We are well aware that in today’s date it is nearly impossible to recover a payload from low-earth-orbit, as a result, we are developing a drone re-entry vehicle that can land at local airports with less than 1g stress.”

According to Stofiel Aerospace, a company based in St. Louis, it said that it is now working towards its very first launch to the edge of space in the latter stages of 2018.

According to Brian Stofiel, founder of the company “We have a goal of creating a system in which a client can see their payload reach orbit in a matter of weeks rather than waiting for months or even worse, years.”

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